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Welcome to the website of the Salisbury Union Lodge of Antient Free & Accepted Masons, the Universities’ Scheme Lodge for the Masonic Province of Hertfordshire.  

The Lodge was admitted a member of the United Grand Lodge of England’s Universities’ Scheme in November 2012 primarily to promoteFreemasonry to the gentlemen students, alumni and staff of the University of Hertfordshire, although membership is not restricted to these alone.  

Please use the links on the left and those throughout the website to discover more about Freemasonry and the Universities’ Scheme in general, and of Salisbury Union Lodge in particular.  

Enquiries for membership from qualified gentlemen and Brethren, or for visiting by qualified Brethren are most welcome by contacting the Lodge Secretary, details available on the Contact Us page.  

Latest Status for the
Festival Balloon Race

Freemasonry for Women  

Ladies who are interested in information about Freemasonry for Women in Hertfordshire should contact either of the following organisations:


The Order of Women Freemasons -


The Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons -


We do not guarantee that the websites accessed via links on this page are either Masonic in nature or have been approved or endorsed by the United Grand Lodge of England.
We specifically do not warrant that any other website accessible from their pages are recognised by, or have the approval of the United Grand Lodge of England.  

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