The Three Degrees ….

Quoting the lyrics of “Set Me Free” and “Love Train” may not be quite appropriate for a Masonic post, but yesterday we saw all three degrees covered by the Lodge.

The morning started with our own meeting with Bro David being Passed to the Second degree, then Igor, Koustav, Peter and Radostin being Initiated into Freemasonry. Post the Festive Board, a group of us set off to Mimram Lodge in Letchworth to see to see them Raise Bro Drew on our behalf.

This was not all. In the afternoon one of our regular visitors, Bro. Kev, was Passed by his Mother Lodge, Royston, plus one other visitor (apologies for not remembering who) was due to be Installed as Worshipful Master for the first time. Congratulations to both.

Certainly a full and satisfying day (and not just from two Festive Boards) for many of us yesterday.

(note links to dedicated posts on the above meetings will be added in time).

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