Concord Chapter no 767

Concord Chapter came over from Pakistan, alongside Union Lodge in 1974 after Freemasonry was deemed illegal in Pakistan in 1972.

While having a different name, Union Lodge and Concord Chapter have always been associated with each other. Concord Chapter was constituted on the 7th of August 1907 and Consecrated on the 13th of April 1908 in Karachi, India, then part of the District of Bombay. It moved to England at the same time as the Lodge and many of the members were also members of the then Union Lodge.

In 2013 Union Lodge amalgamated with Salisbury No 3228 to become Salisbury Union No 767, the University Scheme Lodge for the Province of Hertfordshire.

Being part of the ‘767’ family, much of the Chapter’s membership now comes from the University Scheme Lodge, providing a safe environment where newly Exalted Companions can take their time before becoming active.

The Chapter meetings, held at The Cloisters, Letchworth, are:
1st Saturday in July (Installation).
4th Saturday in August (before the Salisbury Union Lodge Meeting).
3rd Saturday in March (before the Salisbury Union Lodge Meeting).